Terms Of Services

Modified 28 November 2019

Terms of Service 

Welcome to Rakuboss! 

These terms and conditions ("Terms of Service" or "ToS") allow you, the user ("you," "you're", "buyer", or "seller") to use the services of this website ("site", "we", "Rakuboss, "us", "our", or "company") in any way beneficial to you. All information stipulated here serves as a written agreement between you and Rakuboss—including the site's services, web features, and software (herein collectively called "service"). 

Accessing Rakuboss and its service as a seller or buyer automatically means that you agree with our ToS. For that reason, we highly advise you to read this document thoroughly, so that we can resolve issues when the need arises. Moreover, if you are accessing or using the service on behalf of a "business" or a "person" to which you are either directly or indirectly related, you solemnly declare all persons or businesses involved agree with our ToS. 

To understand our ToS better, read on below: 

Important Terms To Keep In Mind 

1. "Sideline" is the name given to the services offered by sellers on the platform 

2. "Buyer" is a person or a business registered on Rakuboss that functions as a client. He or she can buy and acquire a sideline or make an offer. 

3. "Seller" is a person or a business registered on Rakuboss that functions as a freelancer. He or she can offer products and services, accept buyer proposals, and interact with prospective clients. 

4. "Disputes" are disagreements between a buyer and a seller concerning a failed transaction 

5. "Proposals" are meaningful quotations or requests posted by the buyers 

6. "Request Section" is the proper channel on the site where a buyer can post proposals 

7. "Payment Channels" are the supported payment service providers by Rakuboss. They provide buyers the necessary channels to process payments from transactions between the buyer and the seller. They also offer a way for sellers to withdraw their rightful earnings from every successful sale. 

8. "Rakuboss Ranking" is the reward system used by the site to evaluate the maturity of the account of a seller and/or his ability to sell a proposed number of products or services 

9. "Orders" are the agreements between sellers and buyers in selling and purchasing services 

10. "Message Board" refers to the section of the site created when a buyer purchases a sideline 

11. "Seller Level" is the designated ranking of the seller that corresponds to a certain threshold or requirements met by him/her. 

12. "Shopping Balance" marks the remaining balance or total amount a buyer possesses. 

1. Terms for Sellers 

1.1 Registration 

● Registration is free. Anyone can become a seller or buyer at Rakuboss. However, for every transaction to push through, users have to register to the proper channel provided in the service. 

● The registration ensures that the user agrees to our ToS and Privacy Policy. 

● Registration requires the user's full name, valid email address, and password. Further, we may also need some personal information to verify your identity, including but not limited to nationality, place of residence, and educational background. In this regard, it is solely at your discretion whether or not you provide that information. However, the best practice is (and it is suggested on our behalf) that you should take due diligence in completing every field of the registration form. This will help you solidify your credibility as a seller and increase your ranking in the organic searches done by buyers on Rakuboss. 

● Users are not allowed to use disposable or temporary email addresses. Rakuboss will only accept validated emails to cater to organic sellers and buyers. We reserve the right to block disposable email addresses if detected. 

● Aside from using our primary services, reading and interacting with the requests and messages in the Message Board require you to also apply the rules stipulated in our ToS and permits and Privacy Policy. 

● We reserve the right to review the registration application of a seller with or without notifying him/her. After evaluation, we may cancel the registration if we sense that the information provided contradicts any of our ToS and Privacy Policy clauses. 

● Once registration is approved, we will notify the seller and allow him to use the site 

1.2 Creation of Sidelines 

● You are required to create a Sideline to sell your services and/or products. Keep in mind that the price of the sideline is under Rakuboss restriction. 

● You can create more than one Sidelines. The options are available under your profile. 

● After creating a Sideline, our team will review your details as per these ToS and our Privacy Policy. 

● Once accepted, your sideline will appear on your profile and will be visible to other users at Rakuboss. You may change the information you submitted before a buyer purchase your sideline. 

● Rakuboss has the right to edit, modify, and alter your image if our team deems it necessary. If your post has an inappropriate, unsuitable, or poor quality sideline image, our team will improve its overall look. When this happens, you’ll be notified. Rakuboss has a public image to uphold, so we want our users to help us maintain that image. All posted sidelines, particularly your featured sideline image, must be of high quality. 

● A Seller can send customized offers by going through Buyer Requests section. In this section, you will see the list of requests from buyers pertaining to service needed, and if you meet the requirements, feel free to send them an offer. The Sidelines you create must obey these Terms and Conditions lest we will remove it. 

Other violations that can cause the removal of Sidelines are: 

● Adult or inappropriate content 

● Illegal content 

● Fraudulent products or services 

● Inappropriate or unsuitable image 

● Poor image quality 

● Spam 

● Deception 

● Misleading content 

● Academic work requested or accepted 

● Reselling an intellectual property of another seller 

● Unrealistic or unattainable deadline 

● Other content that is otherwise prohibited by the law of the country; incites aggression or encourages violence; interrupts the service; threatens the users of the service, or affects the overall relationship between the units of this platform. 

● Seller conduct or behavior 

1.3 Seller/Buyer Contact 

● The communication between a buyer and a seller can only take place through a specified channel provided by the service. 

● A registered user can communicate with another user to discuss the project. They can use the "Message Board" and send texts or images. However, a seller cannot communicate with a seller to forward his or her orders or to outsource them in any way. 

● Users cannot use this platform as a social media. The messages forwarded and sidelines posted should only be about sidelines and requests. 

● A buyer cannot use the Message Board to threaten, abuse, or somehow harass the seller concerning anything. The same obligation is on the seller. 

● Any communication between the users should be entirely done through the platform channels provided by Rakuboss. Users shouldn't share information of any kind that redirects or directs another user to another platform (e.g., social media, Skype, email, or any other type of communication channel) either for communication or a transaction. 

● The users have the option to block spam messages our team overlooked. Once blocked, the blocked user cannot receive any communication from the user who blocked him or her. 

● Blocking and unblocking is entirely at your discretion. However, if a buyer or a seller is blocked when the order is underway, the order will be canceled. 

● If an order is ongoing, users can only block another user after submitting a specific reason regarding the issue to customer service support. Once we receive the request, we will review it and see if there is any violation from both parties involved. If we found a violation, the order will be canceled first, and users can push through with the blocking. 

● Existing funds from the order cancellation will go to the deserving party. Our team will make a decision based on the pieces of evidence provided by both parties. 

1.4 Sharing of Sidelines on Social Media 

● We allow sellers to share their sidelines on social media via a generated link. However, the sellers are not allowed to drive traffic to their posted sideline and get paid. These include ads run by social media platforms and other online means. 

1.5 Google Adwords Campaign 

● Sellers are not allowed to use any paid or unpaid Google Adwords campaign to drive traffic to their Sidelines. We track these changes frequently, and we may terminate sellers who will violate this part of our ToS. 

● Rakuboss.com has a systematized algorithm that works on its own regardless of any search engine. Therefore, sellers and buyers are encouraged to understand it and use it. 

● Keyword research is also prohibited in any form. As stated, it does not affect the algorithm of the platform, and neither benefits anyone doing it. 

1.6 Physical Deliveries (Shipment) 

● Rakuboss is not an e-commerce website. Therefore, it does not partake in selling or sending its customers any physical deliveries. 

● If the delivery of any product is under question, for example, printed media, it will be solely done in a format supported by the platform. This ToS govern the design process, but we don't control printing processes and product deliveries. 

● If a seller and buyer agree to include the printing or any additional costs of processing, the original amount or price of the order has to contain that extra cost. Under this provision, the buyer and the seller must agree to perform the transaction on a preferred platform and communicate the additional services out of the website. Rakuboss is out of the picture as both parties verify the authenticity and quality of the extra services offered or charged. 

1.7 Revenue 

● The seller allows or appoints Rakuboss as the middleman or the funds' collection agent on behalf of him or her. 

● The seller agrees that the funds collected through the payment channels the platform relies on are entirely for the purchase of his or her sideline. 

● The seller can't hold the buyer responsible if any funds are not remitted to him or her. We always process transactions, and we have proof of every transaction on the platform through our automated system. If there are delays, however, you can contact our customer service support. 

● The platform reserves the right to hold the payment/s of a Seller, and only release it when the required order is completed and when the buyer is satisfied. Upon acceptance of the order by the buyer, the Message Board will automatically close, and the respective funds will be transferred to the seller after the clearance period. Rakuboss will charge a 6% fee for every transaction. 

The clearance period depends on the Sellers' profile level. For more detailed information about Seller Levels, please refer to section 1.9 of Category 1. 

● After the clearance period, the funds will be available for the seller to withdraw through their respective bank accounts or payment methods in the Philippines. However, there's a minimum limit of funds to withdraw. A total of ₱200 should be present in the seller's Rakuboss credit. 

● If a Seller prefers to use our partnered banks, Rakuboss charges 50 pesos for transaction fee per withdrawal (maximum of PHP 20,000 per recipient a day). 

1.8 Order Cancellations 

● If there are disputes that both sellers and buyers want to address, both reserve the right to either cancel the order individually or through a mutual agreement, we highly advise all users to contact our customer service support when this happens. In both these cases, they would have to submit a cancellation request for our customer support to review manually. 

● As stated in clauses 9 and 10 of Section 1.3 belonging to Category 1, we will review if there are any violations of these ToS on the part of either of the parties. 

● The cancellations under reviews are always acted upon. However, our refund policy differs. We refund the amount to the deserving party to avoid any abuse of the rights between both parties. This makes our platform reliable and equal for all. In an event where the seller has submitted the order, and we deem it satisfactory in spite of the buyer's cancellation request, we will release the funds to the seller, and the order will be canceled. Conversely, if the seller has not delivered as per his or her description of his or her sideline, the funds will be refunded to the buyer. 

● Refunded funds will not immediately go to the remaining balance of the seller or the buyer in their respective accounts. Instead, they will be accredited to their existing or remaining credit on the platform. The buyers will be able to use that credit for future purchases but not withdraw it. The seller, meanwhile, will be able to withdraw his or her rightful compensation after the proposed clearance period. 

1.9 Rakuboss Ranking or Seller Levels 

● We encourage sellers to perform well on the platform. To honor that performance, we have established a distinct method through our ranking system called Rakuboss Ranking or Seller Levels. 

● The levels depend on a certain number of orders completed, a certain threshold of Peso earned, a period of activity/interaction maintained by the seller, and a certain level of ratings. 

● There are four levels so far. If necessary, we'll add or delete a level for the sake of improving our grading system. Further, we may also edit the requirements to achieve a certain level regardless of the level of any particular seller or all of the sellers possess. 

The said levels are as follows: 


Completed orders: 4 individual orders 



Completed Orders: 15 individual orders 

Rating: 4.5 


Completed orders: 35 individual orders 

Rating: 4.5 


Completed orders: 50 individual orders 

Rating: 4.5 

● The proposed levels or ranks will be awarded to a seller if he or she satisfies the requirements. Similarly, the seller will be demoted if he or she fails to maintain the requirements. 

1.10 Order Timer 

● Every order on Rakuboss is subjected to a particular time limit, with the least limit being 24 hours. This refers to the primary order time on the platform. 

● Sellers can deliver projects before 24 hours, and they can specify as such in the description of their sideline. However, on our part, the timer will only be set to indicate an order deadline of 24 hours or 1 day. 

● During this deadline, the sellers and buyers can communicate with each other, discuss any possible additional services to be offered, or interact in any form to ensure that both parties understand better what is to be delivered. In an event where either the buyer or the seller does not respond, either party reserves the right to notify the customer support. We will notify the inactive party through our specified channels. Still, upon receiving the notification, if the seller or the buyer does not respond, the opposite party can submit a request for cancellations. 

● If a seller fails to deliver the product or the service in the specified time, he or she can request the buyer to extend the delivery time. However, if there is no such request submitted, a two-day warning will be issued by us on behalf of the buyer. Upon failing to deliver within the warning period, our customer support will reserve the right to cancel the order and transfer the funds to the buyer without notifying the seller. 

● The order cancellation will result in a loss in revenue. Cancellations may affect the credibility of a user's profile, especially if it has a one-star rating or a negative review. 

● Sellers can only extend the delivery time by submitting a request to the buyer. If he or she accepts it, the time will be extended automatically. Rejection of the request by the buyer will not affect the delivery time the parties agreed upon initially. 

● The order time works regardless of the timezones. You can follow it as per your time zone if you order from outside the Philippines, make sure to clarify the schedule to your buyer or seller. 

1.11 Feedback 

● Our feedback mechanism can judge the quality of the services or products offered by the sellers on Rakuboss. 

● After a successful transaction or order completion, the buyer and seller can review each other through the star rating and feedback. The buyer is allowed two days to review the delivery made. 

2. Terms for Buyers 

2.1 Registration 

● Anyone can become a buyer at Rakuboss. However, just like sellers, for a user to do so, he or she will have to register via the proper channel provided by the service. 

● The buyer is provided with a registration form, filling which ensures that he or she agrees to these ToS as well as Rakuboss's Privacy Policy. 

● The user may have to provide his/her full name, valid email address, and create a password. This is the initial and crucial information the user is bound to provide, for us to verify accounts. 

● Basic information is important for profile creation. We may or may not ask for information that relates to the user's nationality, place of residence, education information, or anything else that may or may not be limited to the said information. If there's an undisclosed, sellers and buyers can contact the opposite party for consent. 

● Once your profile is created, you will be able to buy services from sellers through their sidelines, post buyer requests in the Message Board, edit your information when and where required, and do entirely everything that a buyer is allowed to do by this document. 

● We may or may not review the buyer registration application. However, we reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time if we found violations. 

2.2 Seller/Buyer Contact 

Please refer to Category 1, Section 1.3. 

2.3 Physical Deliveries 

Please refer to Category 1, Section 1.6 

2.4 Buying a Sideline 

● Buying a sideline initially requires buyers to pay Rakuboss for the creation of the order or initiation of business between the seller and the buyer. The payment(s) deducted from the buyer will depend on the price of the sideline at the time of purchase. 

● Rakuboos transact with partner payment channels to process the payment deducted from the buyer and transfer the same to the deserving seller after the order completion. 

● We serve as the middleman or the funds' collection agent on behalf of sellers. Detailed information about it is given in Category 1, Section 1.7 Revenue, Clauses 1, 2, 3, and 4. 

● After funds have been deducted from your account and have been submitted to a seller's account on completion of the order, you will be exempted from the obligation. 

● In an event where Rakuboss fails to remit funds to the seller, the seller will not have any recourse or liability against you. Keep in mind, however, that Rakuboss always process transactions made within the platform. 

● The total amount deducted from you may not reflect the total price of the sideline. This is because the service deducts its fee. Also, as a buyer, you will have to pay the sideline price and the transaction fee based on the payment system you choose. As of now, our fee costs 15 pesos on top of the sideline price. 

● Upon buying a sideline through the payment channels authorized by Rakuboss, you warrant that you are of legal age or are authorized by the channel and the laws of the country to make payments online or otherwise. 

● If you are a person purchasing a sideline on behalf of a company, you warrant that you are authorized to make purchases on their behalf. Further, you also warrant that you are not violating any ToS from the payment channel chosen or of Rakuboss. 

2.5 Order Cancellations 

Please refer to the Category 1, Section 1.8 of these Terms and Conditions. 

2.6 Order Timer 

Please refer to the Category 1, Section 1.10 of these Terms and Conditions. 

2.7 Feedback 

Please refer to the Category 1, Section 1.11 of these Terms and Conditions. 

2.8 Payment Channels 

● In the meantime, Rakuboss only accepts Philippines Peso, so all other currencies should be converted to PHP. We plan to include USD soon. It will be done after we found a reliable conversion system for our site. 

You can pay via the following payment channels. 

1. Credit/Debit Cards (reflected immediately) 2. Bank Transfer 3. ATM transfer or i-Banking to any of our Rakuboss bank accounts: 

➢ Metrobank - Rakuboss Philippines Inc. ➢ BDO - Rakuboss Philippines Inc. 

1. Over-the-Counter / Banks 

You can pay us over-the-counter by choosing any available and supported banks from the list below. Please note that you may have to pay an additional processing fee charged by the banks: ➢ Metrobank OTC 

➢ PNB OTC Bills Payment ➢ BDO OTC (Outside Manila) ➢ BDO OTC (Manila) ➢ Eastwest Bank OTC ➢ Chinabank OTC ➢ RCBC OTC ➢ OTC - Security Bank OTC ➢ UCPB Bills Payment ➢ Landbank OTC Bills Payment 

2. Remittance/Payment Centers 

Pay at any Rakuboss supported remittance and payment centers. Please note that you may have to pay the processing fee by choosing any of the following centers: 

➢ Bayad Center ➢ LBC Bills Payment ➢ M. Lhuillier ➢ EC Pay 

3. Online Banking 

Pay at any Rakuboss supported online payment channels from the following banks. Please note that there may be an additional processing fee charged by the bank: 

➢ RCBC AccessOne ➢ Landbank ATM Online ➢ Metrobankdirect ➢ Globe Gcash 

To pay via your preferred online bank or Remittance/Payment Centers, then follow the step-by-step instructions on Dragonpay: 

Take note of the generated reference number, total amount to be paid, and payment due date. These requirements are mandatory while filling out the payment form. 

To process the payment, go to "My Purchase," then tap "To Pay", then search your order. After this tap, "Pay Now", and you'll amount will be processed. 

You will receive an email notification within 24 hours of verification of the payment. 

In case you think you've overpaid the seller, the excess money will be automatically added to your Shopping Balance. 

In case you've underpaid him or her, you will receive a notification about it. To confirm and settle the payment, you'll have to attach two receipts with the reply. 

● The proposed payment channels and Rakuboss reserves the right to collect payment information to discourage any fraud or illegal transfer of money, such as money laundering. However, the payment channels and Rakuboss swear not to disclose confidential information. Refer to these payment channels' privacy and data collection policy for more details. 

● For the user’s safety and convenience, Rakuboss reserves the right to add or remove any payment methods from the original list. This applies to both deposit and withdrawal transactions. 

3. User Conduct 

● Requesting or providing any crucial personal information to users is mainly banned by the site. Any details of such sort will result in either complete cancellation of the registration or a time-bound penalty. 

● Any information regarding the order has to be mutually shared through specified Rakuboss channels. 

● If users wish to interact outside the platform, which we don't recommend, we can't promise that Rakuboss can protect the rights of either of the users as we have no jurisdiction outside our site. 

● Rakuboss supports freedom of speech. However, any speech or remarks, inappropriate vocabulary or slang, abusive language, or any other statement or word that may result in personal intolerance will not be tolerated by the platform. If we receive reports or complaints of such conduct, we'll take the right action deemed plausible by our ToS. 

● Users are not allowed to defame a seller or a buyer on the platform for personal gain. If a seller places an order with another seller only to defame him or her, his or her account may be suspended by us. 

● We don't allow spamming. Users are requested to refrain from coercing buyers or sellers for personal gains, such as change of rating and feedback. Users are also requested to refrain from inciting other users on the platform concerning order cancellations or additional services that are either not protected or allowed by these ToS. 

● Most importantly, we don't allow plagiarism. Users can report to us if they find that any other user has copied their information, or they find that it is being misused. 

4. Violations 

4.1 Warnings 

● If our ToS are violated, we may notify the user via email or the contact channels specified in these ToS before taking action against him or her. The resulting action may not be severe in the first instance, but upon repeated or multiple violations, we may take action to cancel the registration of the user altogether. 

4.2 Usage restrictions porno 

● Selling adult and pornographic services are completely banned on Rakuboss. 

● Scamming or phishing users for either inflicting damage to their profiles, computers, or the platform is completely banned. 

● Users are restricted from using their own identities. Creating a false identity, copying someone else's identity, and or attempting to create an account on someone else's behalf is also banned. 

● Users are not allowed to have multiple accounts. Sellers and buyers are limited to using only one account registered with their personal information. 

● Users cannot resell their accounts to any other user. 

● Users are banned from using their accounts to elicit information from the platform. Buyers and sellers have no right to ownership and reproduction of any of our components, websites (their design and development, or anything), applications (their UI and UX, and others), algorithms, business model and structure, and anything that has not been mentioned here but is a part of Rakuboss. 

● Users are also restricted not to use the website or the service in a way that could inflict harm on other users or Rakuboss in any way. If violated, this could result in interference with the usage of our service by other users. 

4.3 Copyright or Ownership

● User-Generated Content is the content (in whichever form that may be) uploaded by users (buyers and sellers) on the platform. We are not responsible for the veracity, authenticity, and appropriateness of this content. However, we do encourage users to report to us if they see such content uploaded by any other user. We reserve the right to take action if and when we receive such reports. 

● Rakuboss provides a safe platform for everyone. But if some sellers can't vouch for the veracity, quality, or authenticity of services and products sold on the platform, we highly encourage buyers to gauge the seller's credibility through ratings and feedback. 

● The products or services delivered to the buyers become their intellectual property unless the ownership right is clearly stated by the seller. However, these intellectual property rights are solely transferred once the buyer completes the payment obligation. 

● After order cancellation, the buyers are restricted not to use the delivery in any form or for any purpose. 

● Rakuboss offers a Non-Disclosure Agreement that protects the rights of both buyers and sellers. Please refer to our NDA for more details. 

5. Liabilities and Warranties 

● Rakuboss and its services, affiliates, and partner merchants are here to act as middlemen. As a middleman, we can't be held accountable if there are sellers, buyers, and third-party services that inflicted damage of any type to your device, physical property, ownership rights because of your use of service. However, you can contact our customer service support for help and assistance covered by our ToS. 

● As a middleman, we can't guarantee warranties associated with the products and services offered on Rakuboss. Further, we also have no capability to vouch for the quality of the services provided by sellers. With this, we highly advise buyers to always double-check the seller's ratings and details. 

● We partner with third-party payment services, but their ToS and systems are outside our jurisdiction. We're not liable for damages or inconveniences done by third-party services associated with us, but we can assist you in verifying transactions. 

● We're not liable if any of your data gets breached, lost, or damaged while using our service because Rakuboss is a safe, reputable, and regulated platform. If you, however, encounter some technical errors, feel free to contact our customer service support. 

● We take liability for due payment to be remitted to sellers after it's deducted from the buyer. However, in the event where our supported payment channels experience malfunction, error, connectivity issues, security or data breach, or any other issues that could result in an interruption in their day to day services and operation, we're not liable 

for the delayed payments or cancellation of payments altogether as we're using third-party payment providers. 

6. Changes And Modifications of ToS

● These ToS (hereafter referred to as the "document" as well) is subjected to change. This is by no means a final document. Our ToS may be revised by us periodically to add, subtract, or change the information to improve our service. You are, therefore, requested to continually check for any updates and remain informed of any changes. 

● Some factors that can be affected by our changes and modifications are the payment methods and promotions. Rakuboss has the right to add or remove third-party services to provide a more convenient and accessible payment methods to users. Further, Rakuboss can also change the price or stop on-going promotions, particularly the refer-a-friend program, to give way to other promos.

● We may post rules, provisions, notifications, etc. concerning the use, application, and limitation of the service from time to time. When we do so, all of the information becomes a part of this document directly. Therefore, you are also requested to pay heed to our notifications and consider them as binding clauses of this document. After a change or modification, your continued use of our platform will require you to follow our updated ToS. 

● Lastly, this document may be subjected to errors and shortcomings. We are trying our best to cover every aspect of our service and formulate a set of rules for its operability. We aim to make it error-free to provide all users with a reliable platform.