How It Works

Modified 19 August 2019

How Rakuboss Works

A complete overview of how our transactions work

・For Freelancers

At Rakuboss, you can find employers, agencies, marketers, entrepreneurs, and companies looking for services. If you’re a freelancer looking for short-term or long-term projects, use your Selling profile to find clients. You can either post your sidelines or contact a client with a posted job listing.

Post A Sideline Post your sideline, and wait for our clients to purchase your offered services. While you’re at it, provide the complete details of your service—including the sideline, title, category, description, added information, tags, delivery time, revisions, and sideline image. 

Once your sideline is posted, Rakuboss will help you find the best clients and companies based on your sideline’s description. Our search functionality will find you the perfect employer. All interested clients who will view and avail your services will reflect on your ‘My Sidelines’ page. 

Find Ideal Projects And Clients Even as a freelancer, you can be your own boss at Rakuboss. You can choose your clients and projects by browsing the job listings available on our site and your customized ‘Buyer Requests’ page. We can highlight all your ideal jobs based on your profile information and expertise.

If you finally found your desired project, transact with the client. If there’s still room for negotiation, you can mutually update the rate and the deadline. We advise you to talk to them through your ‘Inbox Messages’ for smoother transactions. Once everything’s settled, your sideline will directly go to your ‘My Sidelines’ page. 


Organize Requests And Sideline Connect with your clients and manage your sidelines on your ‘Buyer Requests’, ‘My Sidelines’, and ‘Sales’ pages. Think of these pages as your trackers and organizers. Make sure to update and check every tab indicated so that your clients will know your progress. 


Manage Your Earnings All your earnings are secured with Rakuboss as we ensure transparent transactions between clients and freelancers. You can manage and check your payment transactions on your ‘Withdrawal Requests’ page. If you wish to withdraw your earnings, provide your bank account information, and confirm your withdrawal request.

・For Clients

At Rakuboss, you can find freelancers, agencies, marketers, entrepreneurs, and experts to help you achieve your goals. If you’re hiring freelancers selling their sidelines in various fields, use your Buying profile to find the services you want to avail. You can either post a job listing or avail a posted service uploaded by one of our freelancers. 

Post A Request

Post your job listing and wait for our freelancers to submit their applications. You need to provide the complete details of the job or project you want to post—including the request title, request description, category, deadline, and budget. 

Once your job listing is posted, Rakuboss will help you find the best freelancers and job seekers based on the description you provided us. Our search functionality will find you a good match. 


Find Freelancers And Services

If you want to avail a sideline posted on Rakuboss, just click the ad and read the description provided by the freelancer. You can also read the freelancer’s profile to know more about his or her expertise and background. If you’re satisfied with the details, click the ‘Order Now’ button on the right portion of the page. Your purchase will then go to your cart. 

To check out and settle your payment, review your purchase/s on the the cart. After the review, click the ‘Proceed To Payment’ button and indicate your preferred mode of payment (Paypal, Credit Card, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, or Western Union).


Manage Requests And Purchases

You can manage your purchased and requested sidelines. Rakuboss always provide transparent transactions for both clients and freelancers, so we’ll update the status of your requests and purchases until the deadline.

You can see the progress of your job request/s on the ‘Manage Requests’ page. From the same page, you can see the active, paused, pending, and unapproved requests on your account.

The progress of your purchased sidelines, meanwhile, can be viewed on the ‘Orders’ page. From the same page, you can see the active, unpaid/paid, delivered, completed, and canceled sidelines on your account.  


Save Your Favorites

Still thinking about it? Save all the advertisements and sidelines available on Rakuboss by adding them to your Favorites. You can transfer them to your cart later on to complete your purchase.