Privacy Policy

Modified 01 September 2019
Privacy Policy

Rakuboss (including “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “the Site”, “Applications”, and all of its affiliates) take responsibility towards maintaining the privacy of anyone browsing this Site (“Service Use Member”, “Users”, “Seller”, “Buyer”, and/or “Visitors”). You have the right to know how your information is collected when using (“Site”) and how it is used is reserved. We deem it a collective social responsibility. 

Solely for that purpose, this document (“Privacy Policy”) has been put together and is a part of our Terms of Service. It addresses what we call User Information, how do we collect it, how do we use it, the time span of keeping it, where do we store it, and whether or not we share it with Third Parties. It also includes knowledge about cookies, why the Site uses cookies, and whether it is advisable to block them. Furthermore, you will also understand our control over external links, whether or not we reserve the right to change user information, whether or not you can access the Site from the regions not allowed, and whether or not we reserve the right to amend, change, add to or delete from this Privacy Policy. 

The Application of Privacy Policy  

By accessing Rakuboss, its Site and affiliates, and/or by using its applications, functions, services, goods (The Service), items and/or by registering as a Seller, going through Seller registration or  filling the Seller application, interacting with the Site in any form as a seller, and/or by registering as a Buyer, completing the registration forms, and/or using this Service to buy, receive the product(s) or service(s) sold therein by Sellers, and/or by interacting with the Site in any form or method as a buyer, you agree by all means to this Privacy Policy.  

This document stands viable and applicable in any of the conditions stated above. However, if you disagree with any clause, para, sentence, or word of it, you do not stand eligible for using Rabuboss in any form explained above.  

For further clarification on the terms used in this document, please refer to our Terms of Service and read under “Important Terms”. 

User Information We Collect  

User information is the name given to the basic and/or detailed information you provide us as soon as you register as a Seller or Buyer and can include the following: 

  • Your identification information such as name, Username nickname, email address, photo(s), and contact details.  

  • Your location information including your current location, country of residence, and/or zip code. 

  • Your financial information such as your bank account number, credit card number (existing or those linked and updated, which you have been updated about or otherwise).  

  • We may also collect certain authentication information in any area or subject for the sake of the integrity of the market and the prevention of fraud. 

In addition to the above User information, we also collect the following when or while you access the Site and do not register as a Seller and/or as a Buyer.  

  • The IP address of the connection used to access, view, browse, and/or interact with the Site in any form. 

  • Geo-location information, which tells us where the Site has been accessed, viewed, browsed, and/or interacted with in any form.  

  • Device and browser information. 

  • Web log information. 

  • All interactions or communications Users make in their span of visiting, viewing, and/or browsing the Site.  


How Do We Collect User Information? 

We may collect the information you provide us directly or otherwise. As soon as you register as a Seller and/or Buyer, you provide us with all the information we have stated above voluntarily or otherwise. In addition to the information you enter by creating an account, we may also collect information relating to the items (services and/or products) you intend to sell and/or buy. 

Email marketing is a vital part of our marketing model. We may collect any of the mentioned information by sending you emails on your registered email account. We may do this automatically, but you can always withdraw your email account from our Users registry by following specified steps stated in the email we send you. This action is purely restricted to not receiving promotional emails. Your account or Seller profile will not be affected in any way.  

However, surety of not collecting your information through email on our behalf can only be guaranteed when you completely close your interactions and/or communications with us and/or delete your account completely upon your discretion.  

Apart from email, we may collect some of your information by our mutual interaction over the telephone, in writing, or physical mail delivery services when it is deemed necessary.  

It is also noteworthy that we may collect additional technical information while you interact with Rakuboss. This can include your IP address, URL visited, and/or cookies (See “Cookies” section below for further clarification).  

Certain technical information can be obtained by employing data processors, aggregators, and analyzers such as Google Analytics. We may use these to evaluate Users’ behavior for better performance. We only work on the premises of their Terms of Service and/or Privacy Policy accompanied by our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Anything outside these premises is not allowed by Rakuboss administration and we take due diligence in maintaining or following them for the sake of your privacy. However, anything beyond our control is seriously coincidental and we take no liability for it. For details, please refer to the “Liability” section below.  

We may collect all the information, which we collect while you interact, access, view, and/or communicate with our Site, from our Android and iOS Applications you use. Under this Privacy Policy, the Applications and the Site are treated the same in terms of User data or information collection. However, additional information we collect from your interaction/communication with us through Applications can be your ID and mobile device information for the sake of keeping fraud at bay.  


How Do We Use User Information? 

We use User information purely under the consent of the User. We define consent in this document and elsewhere applicable as one of the mandatory conditions for allowing us to use your information. We at Rakuboss immensely believe in the sanctity of keeping your information and using it only when your consent and the following conditions are met. 

  1. When the performance of is under question. 

  2. When We come under a business contract with you as a buyer.  

  3. In order to confirm the registration of you as a seller. 

  4. In order to comply with our security norms and fraud prevention norms. 

  5. When We as a business want to improve User experience and protect your rights as a Seller or Buyer.  

With the aforementioned conditions fulfilled in the majority of the cases, we will use your information for the following purposes.  

  • To confirm a transaction between you, the Seller, and Us.  

  • To ensure a smooth operation of our services and to provide security to your interaction with the Site. 

  • To contact you when necessary. 

  • To maintain business records for the sake of compliance with the law and regulations. In any case, a public authority requests the information for lawful purposes, we stand responsible to provide that information. 

  • To understand the usage of the Site, including all interactions made, and to provide that information for the sake of surveys conducted on our behalf or otherwise by reputable survey companies, which may be directly or indirectly responsible for the operability of our Site and maintenance of our services through it.  

  • To gather the personal information of Users of the Site for displaying statistically accurate results. 

  • To benefit from the direct marketing of our services via email, SMS, phone, online ads, and physical email (post). However, in certain cases, we may require your consent to send you promotions in lieu of direct marketing. As already explained, you can withdraw from those promotions by following specific instructions given in the emails sent by us, or by directly writing to us on our prescribed emails.  


The Period of Keeping your Information  

There is no specified period on our behalf of retaining your personal information. However, it may be retained as long as the initial purpose of collecting it is not fulfilled.  

Even if the initial purpose is fulfilled, in some cases such as  

  • complying with the laws to prevent fraud and mislead,  

  • assisting the Users you interacted with in the completion of your mutual transaction, and 

  • making sure we have an accurate record of your interactions with us in case we face any complaints on your behalf. 

Storing Your Personal Information and Ensuring Its Security 

As we mentioned, we have employed state-of-the-art technology in maintaining the security of your personal data internally. However, we reserve the right to employ a third-party data processor whom we deem right for the responsibility.   

Before that action takes effect, we make sure that the data transfer to and from us to the third party follows a mutually signed agreement that ensures impenetrable security of your personal information.  

Besides that, we have ensured the security of our servers by employing the right mechanisms such as a firewall.  


Provision of Your Personal Information to Third Parties  

We, by no means, intend to sell or rent your personal information to any third party. Your personal information is only for our use as those stated in the “How Do We Use User Information?”  

Under the requirements stated in the aforementioned section, if the services of any trusted third party are required, we reserve the right to share your information with them.  

Thus, collectively, we may share your personal information with third parties to 

  • improve the functionality of the Site,  

  • provide our services to you,  

  • facilitate you to make your sale or purchase,  

  • to comply with all the legal requisites for the prevention of fraud and mislead or otherwise required by the law for investigation purposes and/or otherwise in cases such as money laundering, security breaches, violations of this Privacy Policy, protection of Seller and Buyer rights, and any other case under total legal protection, and 

  • to facilitate any business process beneficial for the Site in specific and Rakuboss in general.


In all of these cases, we make it binding upon the third party that they cannot use your personal information for their marketing purposes.  


Site Cookies  

Cookies are small files that the Site stores in your device. They are advantageous in helping us remember your area of interest, so that the next time you visit our Site, you will be directed to the relevant areas. 

Also, they help us evaluate User behavior, improve User experience, and ensure the security and proper functionality of the Site.  

You can disable cookies at your discretion by following settings in your browser. However, by doing so, you may experience lags in functionality, security, and performance of the Site. In that case, we take no liability of any kind.  


External Links to Third Party  

With or without our knowledge, the Site may contain links to a third party or you may link the Site to any third party. In this case, any of your information collected by the relevant third party is not governed by this Privacy Policy. If you want to exercise caution and know how your information is protected by those third parties, please visit their privacy policy.  

The third parties in this scenario are also social media websites where you may share your information in any form and tag us.  


Changing User Information  

We reserve the right to change your information in case there is an inaccuracy in it. However, before doing so, you are requested to fully inform us about the inaccuracy. That can be done by either updating the information yourself or by contacting us by email or phone.  

We would only change your information if you are successful in proving your identity with us.  

The same applies to deleting your information. We will first take steps to ensure your identity and then take steps under this privacy policy to delete your personal information.  

Accessing the Site from Overseas 

You are requested not to access this Site from any area where our services are not offered and/or where they are considered illegal.  

Changing this Privacy Policy  

From time to time, as we deem right, we reserve the right to change this privacy policy, add or delete clauses from it, and/or introduce any new clauses to it. The new changes take place as soon as the document is updated by us.  


  • We are not liable for any breach in the security of our internal servers or the servers of third parties we employ under this privacy policy, even after the utilization of our security protocols.  

  • We don’t take any liability for any kind of misled, breach, and/or other damage to your device or operating system when you are using this Site. 

  • We are not responsible for any lag in the security or the performance of the Site if you disable your cookies.  

  • We are not liable for any performance issues or security issues that arise because of the incompetency of your device or the connection you use.  

  • We stand not responsible for any harm to you, your device, or your property because of any products and services sold on the Site.  

  • We ensure that the Sellers are genuine and so are the products, however, we take no liability if either of them is not.  

  • We take no liability for forfeit goods bought and/or sold on our Site. 

  • We are not responsible for any misuse, share, or transfer of your personal information by an entity linked to our Site through an external link.  

  • Your personal information is displayed on our Site as a Seller and/or as a Buyer to Users of the Site. We do ensure the security of your information. However, if it is copied to the clipboard or its screenshots are taken and misused somehow, shared, or transferred, we take no liability for it.  

  • This Site should not be used where its services are functions are illegal. In case you use it as such, we stand not responsible for any damage to your device, personal information, or yourself.  

  • In case you use any SSL non-compliant browsers, or browsers that do not follow the same security protocols we do, we are not liable for any damage to your personal information, sharing and/or transfer of it to another location, to your device, to your property or to you. 

  • We are not responsible for any inaccuracies in your personal information if you do not update it yourself by visiting your profile or inform us and thus, allow us to do so. Even after updating it by any of these two means, if it is still inaccurate and we are not aware, we do not take liability for it. 

  • Any use of your personal information directly or indirectly from our website, not governed by this Privacy Policy is purely coincidental and thus, we take no liability for it.  

  • This Privacy Policy is subjected to errors, omissions, and change. We have tried to make it error-free and address each and every issue relating to the subject matter. However, any error and/or discrepancy is purely accidental. We take no liability for it.